Learn French in Paris
Accord Paris

Accord Paris

Quality French language school since 1988

The Teaching Method

Accord ParisThe main objective of Accord Paris is to develop an individual's learning strategies. This enables the students to transfer communication skills already mastered in the native language to the new language.

Verbal communication is a priority: learning to listen and understand, to express oneself correctly and with good pronunciation.

The final objective is to raise students' language level to an efficient standard of communication. This requires not only a perfect command of the language but also a profound understanding of the cultural context.

The Location - central Paris

Learn French in Paris Accord Paris is located in the heart of Paris, on the "Grand Boulevards", just a few minutes walk from the Louvre, the Opera, the George Pompidou Center (Beaubourg) and the famous Grands Magasins.

This area of Paris has become famous all over the world as many movies have been shot on location there.

It is a well known, endless source of inspiration for the film making industry.

Quality Award

The Accord Paris School has just been awarded the "Quality Award for French as a Foreign Language". It is one of the first French-as-a Foreign-Language Schools in France to receive this accolade for the quality of its teaching, its facilities and its services (management, enrolment, accommodation, etc).

Accord Paris - Learn French in Paris This Quality Award is a commitment on the part of the French government, via its Education, Higher Education and Research (the Department for Higher Education), Foreign Affairs (the Office for International Co-operation and Development) Ministries and the Office for the French language and the languages of France, who decided to entrust the CIEP [the French International Centre for Educational Research] with the implementation of a quality award system for centres in France and its overseas territories where French is taught as a foreign language.

This initiative will now enable those training organisations offering language tuition and services of the required standard of quality to be identified, recognised and marketed.