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Intensive French Language Course

26 or 38 lessons per week

Intensive French Language Course - Accord Paris

The intensive French language course is provided at all levels from complete beginner upwards.

This course is designed to enable you to rapidly improve your ability to communicate in general French.

It covers all aspects of the French language at your level. As you progress to higher levels, elements of French culture and general knowledge about France are introduced as appropriate.

Course Requirements

The intensive French course is available to participants of all levels of proficiency.

Starting Dates

French Beginners (Level 1) must start their language course on certain dates only. Participants who already have French language skills can start every Monday.

Specialized Workshops

In the afternoon, Accord offers specialized workshops on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

  • French Culture and Civilisation (Monday)
  • Reading and writing proficiency, and grammar (Tuesday)
  • Phonetics (Tuesday)
  • Oral (Wednesday)
  • Writing and Formal Writing (Wednesday)
  • Extra Practice for Beginners (Thursday)
  • Introduction to the DELF & DALF (Thursday)
  • Business French (Thursday)
  • Parisian Culture and Civilisation (Thursday)
  • etc.

Note: Course plans are subject to change.

Sample Course Schedule

Intensive French Language Course
Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
09:00-11:00 Period A: General French Classes
11:00-11:20 Break (20 minutes)
11:20-13:00 Period B: General French Classes
13:00-14:15 Lunch Break
14:15-17:15 Period C: Specialized Workshop
or General French Classes


  • 26 lessons/week(20 hours/week)= Period A+B
  • 38 lessons/week(29 hours/week)= Period A+B+C (3 Workshops/week)
  • 1 lessons = 45 minutes
  • Course plans are subject to change